Exploring the Dimensions of Social Health

what is social health

While mental and physical health are important aspects of overall well-being, social health is an equally important aspect that frequently goes unnoticed. The state of our relationships, interactions with others and sense of community all fall under the umbrella of social health. We will explore what is social health basically in this blog, as well … Read more

Exploring the Impact of Mental Health on Physical Well-being

how does mental health affect physical health

The complex relationship between mental and physical health often takes center stage in our pursuit of holistic health. The relationship between physical and mental health is a dynamic one that affects not just how our bodies react to life’s difficulties but also how we feel emotionally. In this blog, we explore the complex interrelationships between … Read more

Navigating FMLA for Mental Health

Can you take fmla for mental health

A better awareness of the impact of mental health in the workplace has emerged in recent years. As people struggle to strike a balance between their jobs and personal lives concerns about being able to use the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) for mental health purposes come up. We will examine the details of … Read more